I’m Not Dead…I Don’t Think…

Posted: April 23, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I can’t quite believe I haven’t updated since Halloween! I suppose like many things, real life interferes and I always think, I’ll do it tonight, or in the morning or whatever excuse seems reasonable at the time. I had no idea I had 6 months worth of procrastination in me however.

I suppose this will be a rambling, try and catch up on everything type entry-so here we go.

In December I wasn’t feeling well, I was displaying some signs of Diabetes, and since my mother is diabetic, I mentioned them to her. She gave me a glucose testing kit, and after tracking my blood sugar for a couple of weeks, and getting readings over 250-325 I went to the doctor who diagnosed me as type 2 Diabetic.  I’m on medication and it seems to be regulating it very well.

The novella that this blog is named for, Barbed Wire Kisses, was picked up by Skullvines Press and will be out sometime this year! ON the heels of that, my silence from the web has had to do with my writing the follow up to it, entitled, “The Coffiners Son”. It’s a sprawling tale, well over 100,000 words and I’m letting it settle a bit before I go in and hack at it with edits.

Almost a year ago to the day, I sent out the signature sheets for my weird western collection “Dead West” and glad to say I received the completed sheets in the mail today! Expect DW to be out this summer.

In some other Bandersnatch related news, We have some great releases this year! Two more chapbooks from TM Wright; a werewolf western from Eric Red, Dead West, and and an end of the world tale from L.L. Soares and his lovely wife Laura! These will start coming out in June/July of this year.

There will also be a sneak peak of my novella in Dead West, complete with another awesome drawing Noah O’Toole.

The past six months haven’t gone as I planned-though whatever does, but I can only hope the next six months prove to be even more productive-including far more regular updates on the blog.


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