Open letter to Matt Schwartz

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About 20 years ago I had a discussion with a friend of mine about my terrible luck with relationships. I went through each and every one of them and finally my friend Steve said, “You know what they all have in common don’t you?”

“Yeah, they were all assholes.”

Steve chuckled, and shook his head. “No, it’s you! You’re the common denominator.”

Now I mention that story because of your continued defense of Nick Pacione. Banning and warning  everyone else, and still letting Pacione have free run is not addressing the problem. He is the common denominator, Matt, not everyone else. Pacione has threatened to hurt, ruin the careers of, called people names, accused them of things they haven’t done-all stuff you ban and warn everyone else about.

Yet you don’t do a goddamned thing about Nick. I’m not the only one who wonders why. Are you trying to drive everyone away from the board until no one is left but you and him? Are you so eager to defend him that you risk your own reputation? Is ruining what was once a great board worth that?

If you’re gullible enough to believe he’s the real victim, then you have no business running a forum. All these headaches that are caused could be done away with if you’d simply ban him like you did once before.  People try and point out what he’s done, how he’s fueled by hate and paranoia but you refuse to see it.

Not only is it time for you to do what you should have done long ago, but you owe each and every person who has to deal with him on the boards an apology for not doing your job as a moderator. If Pacione is an oil spill, you’re BP, and we’re the birds that get covered with his shit.

Time to swallow your pride, admit you’re wrong for allowing him to continue and ban him.

  1. SirOtter says:


  2. N. Pacione says:

    You can go to hell chickenhawk! You contribute to the piracy of my titles and you’re publishing one of the book burners. You lack a publishing history yet you come up with the imprint you have out of the blue. The fact that Lake Fossil,Press has a policy that doesn’t allow any alternative content.
        I haven’t said the other ‘f-word’ on the forum. But still you intent to come to my blog to start a fight with me for some reason or when I promote An Eye In Shadows you carry on with your rainbow nazi act. I guess you’re a member of the lavendar mafia. The way you want to carry the industry is just like that Charles Beaumont story where homosexuality is the norm and heterosexuals are a disease. My career feels like that plot when people like you like to screw with it.    This is similar to the Brian Keene rampage in 2007 when he found out one of my titles is finally carried on the site. I kept my cool on the forum but the only time when I threatened to punch someone is when the fucker posted all the links telling people to hate me. You’re entired to hate me, I gave a reason to hate me for publishing an Ex-Gay. You’re six years behind Lake Fossil Press, you will never catch up to the imprint. I’ve published extremely good Christian horror authors from the git-go and they find their own publishing inprint but one thing you count out — keep asking yourself, if my publications suck then why do the authors come back over the years and bring in new blood. I get a word of mouth referrals now. Because of GUD Magazine all of the sudden I get no support from a site that’s been good to the imprint and it’s anthologies. Lake Fossil Press will always be the bane of your hatred and as my name grows with each non-fiction pub; It will piss you off because you said I was never “publishable.” Well over the years I’ve proved you wrong. I am no fucking joke cottager. You call me a log cabin republican — hate to burst your bubble. I will never be or ever will be gay. I am a heterosexual just that fucks like you made it hard for me to get a girlfriend because you go posting those shitty liar sites about me — yeah one of your friends’ WillieDoIt created such one of those sites and shitty aging fanboys and fangirls who beat off on fandoms then get popular violate my respective copyrights. If you to portray me as a villian, I voted for McCain.    I was born during the time when Gerald Ford was a president, and I am pro-life because of the time I was born the subject of my birth was hush-hush because it was taboo. But when teens are getting knocked up and I sit there watching it, I want to scream at them saying I AM YOUR KIDS FUTURE IF YOU RAISE THEM WITHOUT A DAD. So you want to call me a bastard for saying this, I take ownership of the word bastard.    Go picking on a relative kid with a mental illness, you really underestimate me. Darren McKeeman saw my wrath and cost him lush editing job at for screwing with my book. Adding insult to injury I gave his photograph a golden shower and loaded up a photograph of the aftermath. Darren McKeeman has a history of bullying people that he hates. Because I am so open with my Conservative bias and openly heterosexual way of the world you want to crucify me on the cross like Jesus Christ.

  3. raingods says:

    Oh Nikita, I don’t know where to begin. So I’ll bypass your normal bullshit and set the record straight about something.

    Bandersnatch was started last year, October as a matter of fact. While Rich was with the company we published two books. With the new crew, we’ll have five out by year’s end. All by well well respected and award winning writers. It had nothing to do with you; in fact, until you started your nonsense up again, you weren’t even a thought in my head.

    Since you refuse to behave and act like an adult, I’ve been forced to think about you, and that makes me very cranky.

  4. SirOtter says:

    Blow it out your ass, Nikki. You are no more Christian than a rock. You blaspheme by claiming you are. Taking the name of God in vain is a violation of one of the Ten Commandments, a violation you commit every time you profane the name of Christ by claiming to be one of His followers. And yes, I will say the same to your face if we ever meet, if you don’t giggle like a little girl and run away before I can speak to you, like you always have when you’ve met one of those against whom you repeatedly bear false witness. You’re a lying, talentless, stupid asshole with delusions of adequacy. It repulses me that my tax dollars support a festering pus-sac like you. Speaking of which, I still have my friend at the Social Security main office in Baltimore on speed-dial. Maybe it’s time I stop feeling sorry for you and do something about you sucking at the liberal-provided public teat, since you’re such a fucking tough-guy conservative. Not.

  5. Mike Brendan says:

    Nick, you need to learn basic English before you can call yourself a writer.

  6. cussedness says:

    Nicky is taking credit for everything that happens to his various detractors, even though he had absolutely nothing to do with any of it.

    • raingods says:

      And honestly, all of that is in his head anyway. No one cares enough about him to listen to what he has to say, let alone do anything because he said so.

  7. N. Pacione says:

    And you call yourself a Republican and a Christian Mike — you give true Republicans a bad name. I am guessing you voted for The Anti-Christ. Otter you like to fuck with people’s disabilties and the only places you got published at are e-books. Where are the print books at, you fucking bleeding heart? Otter I think you go around pirating books on my titles and you harassed one of the publishers, fucking one of my good friends out of an anthology that he did the artwork for.     Otter you and Baxter collectively took a shit on one of the authors I worked with that believed that I have the chance at stealing a Stoker award but you assholes got me kicked off for my infamous comeback — just because you FUCK and SUCK the moderator of the boards that doesn’t mean you go overstepping your bounds. Where have you got fucking published at you prick besides some bleeding heart leftist press? Otter I am not running you fucking coward, you’re what 52 picking on a near 34 year old.      I am getting a following from Conservatives because of my work and respected for it. I voted for McCain and Bush 43 because I didn’t want the anti-christ in office. Some of you get pissed off because my profile grew as an author — if I am talentless then how the hell did I get in some of the magazines I got published in, you tool. Mark and Mike you bare false witness against me all the time — I remember that little cage remark you made Mike. Perhaps they should throw you in a cage where they can throw dog shit at you all day. You fucks became what you hate.     Mark how many times have made that motherfucking threat? If you hate this country so much, get the motherfuck out you fucking chump. I’ve had endorsements from funny offensive conservative shirts in the history of getting published. Yeah the famous Pesoli Bitch shirt. There is a special place in hell for both of you. Mike FUCK YOUR EGOLESS WRITER SHIT — get a real website and start showing some freebie shit instead of picking on other people’s work and encouraging the theft of stories, pigraping son of a bitch. Show one of your freebies so I can have my turn at taking a shit on it. Any of your work sneaking into Lake Fossil Press it would be an automatic roundfile loser.      Start showing your goddamned publishing history because I begin to think you’re nothing but a blogger with no real website and I know you’re chasing me around on another website you little book burning fuckstain. I guess you were stalking me on another site. I know where too because you were backing up some cannuck cunt who’s band isn’t going anywhere fast. Ott — what happened to your “career” you bloated fuck. If I sucked as an author I wouldn’t make it to the shortlist for submissions to a magazine, and the editor called me that damn good. Yeah I noticed you blasted my imprints for using when Flashing Swords also employs and Open Office (you stole the open office thing from me you idiot.) You jagoffs really don’t have a life — enjoy the 9 to 5 slavery

    • Mike Brendan says:

      Yes, I call myself a Republican — says so right here on my voter registration card. But I didn’t vote for the Anti-Christ. He wasn’t running in the election. Since you don’t seem to be cognizant of End Times theology, lemme explain something to you. The Rapture hasn’t happened, so the stage isn’t set for the Anti-Christ’s rise to power. Amazing what happens when you think about what you read, isn’t it, Nicky?

      Bear false witness? How so? Cite specifically where I said falsehoods about you. And I don’t recall saying anything about a cage — I did say things about you being less than human, and you’re still proving me right. You see they won’t put me in a cage because I’m… well… polite and eloquent and think about what I’m going to say.

      As for “The Egoless Writer,” I find it amusing that many PROFESSIONAL writers have praised me for the essay, while you seem to only say it’s crap. Perhaps you should elaborate on that. Oh wait, you lack the wit to do so.

      I have a real website. My blog site is not imaginary. And no, I’m not posting freebie stuff. Unlike you, I value my work and I attempt to sell to the highest bidder. Also unlike you, I don’t throw a hissy fit worthy of four-year-olds when I get a rejection.

      Oh, and you accepted my work. Funny how pen names work isn’t it?

      I don’t have a professional website up yet, because I’m not a prolific enough writer to warrant one. A blog serves my purposes just fine.

      As for Open Office, how did anyone “steal” it from you? It’s an open source application. Anyone can download and use it. You’re proof of that. It just takes a little skill and intellect to use it well.

      Oh and this screed of yours? Christi Iesu would never approve of this.

  8. SirOtter says:

    Shut your festering lying pie-hole, Nikki. You haven’t earned the right to refer to me by any name other than Sir. I don’t even know who this Baxter person is, and I’ve never done any of the bullshit you just libelled me about. Who cares about your blathering bullshit definition of success? I work in a productive job, I own my own home, I buy a new car every few years, I’m putting three kids through college, and in the next few years I’m going to be enjoying a well-earned retirement, paid for by the sweat of my own brow, not someone else’s. I was more successful by the time I was twenty-five than you’ll ever be, and will be even when I’m doing nothing more productive than sailing around the Caribbean or traveling around the world. You’ve done nothing but siphon off benefits someone who really needs them could use to feed their family, and wasted my tax dollars on your worthless, puerile pursuits. You’re a thief and a cheat and a lying sack of vomit. I’ve sold more stories for real cash money in an average year than you’ll ever sell for pay in your lifetime, outside of your imagination. Any editor who told you one of your shitty pieces of drivel was any good was lying to get you to leave him alone. You’re a pustulent boil on the ass of the human race.

  9. raingods says:

    Nikita, I’ll say it here for all the world to see.Any magazine, website, publisher that accepts your work is not one that knows a goodamned thing about writing or publishing. I would never take any of their work seriously and would warn people to stay the hell away from them. I’ve got half a dozen Stoker winners in my anthology, so I know good, quality writing.

    Yours, La Femme Nikita, barely qualifies as scribbling. Any editor to accept your crap needs to have their heads examined.

  10. SirOtter says:

    “I’ve got half a dozen Stoker winners in my anthology, so I know good, quality writing.”

    Quite so, and same here. I edited a print mystery magazine some years ago, available on newstands all across North America. I bought stories that were nominated (not recommended, nominated) for major mystery awards, from people who have since won major mystery awards. Including Joe Konrath, who trumps any name Nikki cares to drop by a wide margin.

    And by the way, Nikki, my appearances in print exceed a dozen, antholgies and magazines combined. Not a huge number, but I didn’t have to self-publish any of those. I won those spots competitively. So much for your ‘e-book only’ malarkey. Not that any of that really matters in the grand cosmic scheme of things, but just so’s you know.

    • raingods says:

      Quality will always win over quantity, every single time. I’d much rather have a talented writer with no credits, than a writer with a long list but no talent. In fact I have one writer in Dead West making his publishing debut, his work was so good.

      Even after all these years, Nikita still can’t write with 1/100th of the talent of a newcomer.

  11. SirOtter says:

    And if I may ingulge an admittedly childish whim, ask Janrae sometime if I have a high, squeaky girly voice like you have, Nikki. I have a feeling her answer will be no.

    • Mike Brendan says:

      Hell, Nicky makes me sound like Charlton Heston.

    • cussedness says:

      You have one of the three sexiest voices I have ever heard in my entire life, Otter. Your smooth southern baritone just speaks to my heart and soul. btw, I have been meaning to call you for months. I’ll try to get to that this evening.

      Nicky, on the other hand, sounds like a gerbil who has been doing nitrous oxide.