Taking Sides

Posted: May 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

It’s interesting what a break up does to not only the people involved,  but also to those on the sidelines.  Two situations popped up over the past few weeks, both entirely different, and yet each engendered the same type of response from others.

Of course there was my taking control of Bandersnatch and some of the fallout from that I expected. The other was the rather public breakup of two people I consider to be good friends. In each case, people who had nothing to do with the breakups/takeovers had no problem voicing their opinions, tweeting snarky comments, unfollowing on twitter and Facebook.

It was as if they took a kind of perverse glee in taking sides, and talking smack about others.  They email, text and DM their friends to start taking sides. and before you know it, there’s drama of epic proportions. They get so consumed with sticking their nose in other people’s business due to no life of their own, they don’t even see the damage they do to the people they presume to “support”. While they struggle to cope with the remnants of a failed relationship, these people dance around the fire and fan the flames.

In short, they were never friends to begin with. Real friends-true friends-don’t take sides. Real friends don’t ask others to take their side. No, what a real friend does is let the parties involved alone, offer no judgment about what happened, and instead offer support to get through the trying time.

In my case, the casualties were minimal, and while a bit sad, not unexpected. I lost no one who mattered. My friends going through a breakup, my heart goes out to both of them.

And like a true friend, I’ll be there for each to lend my ear and support. you know, the things real friends do.


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