With a lot of hard work and some long hours over the past week, Andrew Wolter has put together a new site for Bandersnatch Books which I think kicks much ass. I can’t thank him enough for the time he put in to create what I think is a site superior to all that has come before it.

Now, as we start the work of putting together our first couple of books for a July release, you may notice we only have one book listed. There’s a reason for this: the artwork for K.H. Koehler’s book was done by herself, and didn’t need to be changed.  Once we have some cover art for T.M. Wright’s People on the Island we’ll get that up there, not to mention we’ll be putting up the book trailers as well.

That’s right! For the first time, we’ll be creating trailers for our releases and have no doubt you’ll not only enjoy them, but they’ll truly whet your appetite for more.

So come by, check out the new site http://www.bandersnatch.com and let us know what you think. You can comment here, leave a message on the site, or go directly to twitter or our facebook page and let us know there.

Bandersnatch Books: This ain’t your mama’s small press anymore.


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