First, and most importantly: Bandersnatch is alive and well. If you hear different, it’s simply not true. Yes there was a major shakeup, in which I felt the need to take control in order to keep the company going.  This was done not from an ego gratification standpoint, but an effort to keep Bandersnatch from going under.

And it would have, had it continued the way it was going. With titles slipping farther and father from release dates and no sign of them coming out, I  and others saw the writing on the wall.

I’ve invested too much time and capital to let that happen, and I did what any reasonable business owner would do. This of course has led to some speculation about the future.

In my opinion the future is now far brighter than it ever was. With two new people on board who not only have the same work ethic I do, but  know the importance of deadlines, our lineup will be out on time and not suffer in quality.

Of course this means some changes. With my former partner no longer involved, some have chosen to go with him, and I understand that, and hold no animosity towards anyone.  Some titles such as Death in Common and That Olde Black Magick will no longer be available.  Other titles remain in limbo  until I hear from the authors.

What will be available in the coming months is all three of T.M. Wright’s chapbooks, Karen Koehler’s novella “The Dreadful Dr. Faust”, and of course the Dead West anthology. I’m very proud to be able to continue my work with them, and thank them for their support. “Dead West” will have new cover art as will T.M. Wright’s “People on the Island”.

We will have a new logo, new website and what is essentially a reboot of the company. Our release schedule is going to be scaled back to a far more realistic level while retaining the best writers working in the horror genre. At this point, we will not be publishing poetry until we find a poetry editor that meets our needs and high standards.

Currently the website is being redone to reflect the new changes and direction. I anticipate it will go live within the next week and the new members of the Bandersnatch family introduced.

My forcing the issue of controlling the company didn’t come easy. I agonized over this decision and spoke to several friends regarding this. I attempted to resolve the issues the best I could, going so far as to bring in others to mediate the problems. Yet fundamental problems remained. With Bandersnatch registered as a business in my name, and the domain also in my name, I felt I had to take over and redirect the company from the way it was heading.  If there had been any way to have avoided this, I would have taken that road. sadly, there was not.

I have nothing but deep respect for my former partner and wish him nothing but the best in each and every endeavor he pursues. I will support all of his work, as he is a brilliant poet and fantastic writer. I’m saddened by the turn of events, but truly feel that this new direction is for the best.

This will be my one and only time addressing this issue. It’s more important to look forward and learn from the past, than it is to dwell on the past and have it taint the future. I felt, however, it was necessary for me to comment on the changes, rather than ignore them. There’s nothing worse than pretending there’s not an elephant in the living room, especially when it’s breaking the furniture.

I hope those of you who have followed and supported Bandersnatch in the past will continue to do so in the future. With new staff, exciting projects, and a host of surprises, I’m confident in saying Bandersnatch will be around for years to come.

Edited to add: J. Bruce Fuller’s Haiku collection, 28 Blackbirds at the End of the World, will remain a Bandersnatch title and will be redone with a new cover.

  1. With so many small presses closing, it’s good to hear Bandersnatch is opting to revamp rather than shut its doors. Best of luck with the reorganization!


  2. […] of that, my poetry manuscript A Mouth for Picket Fences has been freed as a result of the recent Bandersnatch Books fallout. I also have a chapbook length poetry collection out in limbo titled Sleep Maps and a second, more […]

  3. raingods says:

    Thanks Myrrym. That was the only purpose in my actions was to save the press. As Greg Hall says, “If publishing was sop easy, everyone would be doing it.” and he’s right. With all the talent working with me, I know we can turn everything around and deliver great books.