Notes on a Senseless Death

Posted: December 13, 2009 in Uncategorized

I didn’t know him aside from the adult videos he made. We weren’t friends, had no interactionoutside of meeting him at a  meet and greet at a local gay pride event. Hell, he wasn’t even one of my favorite porn models on the site. Yet I’d seen enough of his work to understand other people’s attraction to him. Here’s a photo of him from one of his recent shoots.

He’d been released from the site as he was getting a bit chunky and losing his hair. Not a crime per se, except when it comes to porn.

His real name was Andrew.

He die yesterday, from his own bad decisions.  According to news reports, there was an altercation at his home. Police came, he was being handcuffed and broke free. As he was running he stuffed a baggie of weed in his mouth and was trying to swallow it when he was tased.  He suffocated as the bag lodged in his throat, the tase paralyzing him, making him unable to swallow.

Here are the last seconds of his life as it was being filmed for COPS:

I’m not going to blame the police or call it police brutality. Did they have a hand in it? Possibly. Certainly Andrew was as responsible, by running and then trying to swallow a baggie of dope.

My point in trying to make sense out of this, is it was a needless death. Sometimes, we make bad decisions that affect our lives, and on rare occasions we make a decision that end our lives.

I hope Andrew has some type of peace that seemed to allude him in life.

  1. Kody Boye says:

    Why are the extremely porn star-hot ones that are always the dumbest of the population?


    There ARE ways of being happy without having to resort to drugs to do it. As someone who was on an antidepressant, I can easily say that the natural high you get from happiness is a lot better than the fabricated one.

  2. raingods says:

    Agreed. As someone who’s still on antidepresssants, I find much to be happy about on a daily basis. Even at my lowest I never thought of running from the police or swallowing a baggie of pot.