Posted: October 2, 2009 in Uncategorized

As I posted late last week, the poetry anthology I’m in, “Death in Common” is available on and Barnes and Noble website.

Or was.

I first saw a copy on Wednesday when my Mom got her copy, and she pointed out that it was missing the page numbers. I looked through it and also noticed some of the formatting was off. The debate of who’s at fault, and where the finger should be pointed is mute. What’s done is done. As of right now, DIC is being pulled off the online markets until the errors can be fixed. Once that happens, it will be available for purchase once again via the regular outlets. With luck it will be back up in time for Christmas.

As disappointed as I am about what’s happened, i can say at least, i’m very proud to be in the company of such fine writers, and nothing can diminish the quality of work by everyone involved in the writing process.


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