Guest Blogger Zoe Whitten: Halloween Hauntings

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Halloween marks the passage from Fall into Winter. Symbolically, many ancient peoples saw this phase as the logical point when the spirits began to roam the Earth, searching for a way to come back to their loved ones. Rituals were made to frighten the bad spirits away using masks, while gifts were left out for good ghosts. Lighted lanterns helped to guide all of the recently dead away from the villages and to the “other side.”

I’ve never seen a ghost or spirit, and aside from some unrepeatable psychic phenomena, I’ve got no proof of the supernatural world. This does not prevent me from wanting to believe, and I’ve gone along on all sorts of excursions in search of ghosts, spirits, and poltergeists.

I believe in the possibility of a haunted house, though I’ve never seen one, nor have I seen compelling proof. Of course, with my vivid imagination, I can picture what a haunting might be like in, say, an adult web site’s main office. But the events in Haunting Sins are derived from fictional sources. I’ve seen ten or so “The Haunting of…” movies, and I’ve read so many ghost stories that I truly cannot count them all.

I’ve read non-fiction articles from ghost hunters, watched documentaries about ghosts and poltergeists, and I’ve personally interviewed a few people who claimed to see a ghost. It can fairly be said that I’m an expert on ghosts. Which is funny, because I’ve yet to see the object with which I’m so well acquainted.

While I cannot claim to be psychic, I have at times shared dreams with other people. It didn’t happen often, but I know it happened because I either contacted that relative, or they contacted me. Without prodding, the relatives I contacted would say, “I just had a dream about you!” I would ask them to describe it, letting them talk without telling them what I saw. And without fail, they had shared the same dream with me.

It was usually with family member that I had this happen, but I shared one very upsetting nightmare with a close friend, a violent memory from her past that caused both of us to cry as I described it. I’m sure that the depth of our connection scared her, because somehow, I’d managed to get inside her head.

This weak ability of psychic dreaming is why I have an open mind to other possible supernatural activity. I remain a strong skeptic, but if I can believe in my own weak abilities, that opens the door to other phenomena.

When it comes to hauntings, I have my own private theory that when people die under emotional circumstances, they may attempt to fight slipping away. The energy they expend in this emotional fight clings to their surroundings, and the emotions locked in these “psychic records”  determines what kind of spirit “lives” in the area. An angry death results in a poltergeist, while a confused or sad death results in a ghost. A spirit is a much weaker energy signature, resulting in a hazy outline and a confused entity with no seeming purpose to its activity.

Which sounds great, but it requires proof. As of yet, I’ve seen nothing. I’ve been to the haunted hotels of San Antonio, to the houses and monasteries of the surrounding area, where ghosts are supposed to lurk. And without fail, I’ve seen nothing; heard nothing.

I’ve felt things, but I attribute this to my intense desire to see or hear something. I’m so hyped and keyed up that I become hypersensitive. So my clothing shifts as I walk, and I insist that I “felt” a draft. Or I give myself goosebumps in a dark hallway and think I’m feeling colder.

Sometimes I ponder this paradox of behavior. I’m a logical person who supports the principles of scientific observation, and based on what I’ve observed, there are no psychic records left behind. Or, if they are, I am apparently not sensitive enough to pick anything up. And yet, I still believe, and want to find proof.

Why? The real answer lies in front of me, buried in the unknowable shadows of time. Like everyone else, I know nothing about what happens to me after I die. Spiritually, I believe in gods, and I believe that those gods exist within the body of a greater entity. This infinite deity is not likely to be watching me, any more than you could stare at one single blood cell to make sure it was “acting right.”

I believe in reincarnation, but I’m not so clear on how that works, or if it’s just one possibility. Perhaps after enough growth of our soul, there is a place to transcend to that would place us on a higher level, closer to the energy of this infinite deity. But is that heaven? No, not in the sense of castles in the sky, or treasures to appease human vanities. In fact, there’s probably a bunch of random and dull tasks that a transcended soul still has to do. They still serve a function, even as free floating energy.

All of this is speculation on my part, and I’m not so confident of my opinion as to dismiss the possibility of heaven and hell, or of a shared afterlife where sinners and saints all gather in the same place. Because I don’t know, my brain spins, reeling for an answer to calm it. I cannot quiet my mind with ideas about an infinite cosmos, or with my uncertainty about the type of accommodations we’ll get in the afterlife. I NEED an easy answer at this point, or the lack of anything solid as a reference point will frighten me into a literal trembling mess.

And so, when the voice in my head says, “There might be ghosts,” I embrace it. I’m grateful for something possibly tangible, even if I myself have never seen it. Other people claim they have, and while I can’t believe them, it gives me hope that maybe one day, I too will see something to give me proof of life after death.

Because the alternative is far more terrifying than any monster my imagination could ever craft.

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  1. misskitty1923 says:

    I have never “seen” a ghost but have had a few experiences with what I would call a spirit. I always say my Grandmother is visiting me. She always wore perfume that smelled of roses. And occasionally I catch a faint whiff of it. My daughter has been with me and asked about the smell. I just tell her it must be my Grandma. I’m very skeptical of those Ghost Hunter type shows. They never seem to be able to find proof. I wouldn’t expect anyone to believe what I’ve experienced unless they too have had the same or similar happen. Great post Zoe. 😉

    • Zoe says:

      I think some of the skeptics are so mired in skepticism that even if they did run into a spirit or ghost, they would find a way to explain it away. I go the opposite route. I want to believe so bad that I can fool myself into a near-ghost experience.

      Very interesting about the ghostly perfume. Mom always had this thing with doors slamming or opening around her, and she called this dead grandma. After a while, whenever my door opened or closed by itself, I would say, “Hello, dead grandma.” Interestingly enough, I’ve never had doors do that when I moved away from her. So maybe mom is haunted? ^_^

      Thanks for reading, and for leaving a comment!

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  3. MarioBerg says:

    Hello, i have a little offtopic question. I like the Layout of this site, can i get the template somewhere? Thank you in behind and best wishes from austria.

  4. linda says:

    Ghosts are not always shadowy, misty objects. They can sometimes look as real as you or me. You may already have met one!