Friday Night Frights

Posted: September 18, 2009 in Uncategorized
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It’s been a few days since I’ve posted something of my own, so tonight I thought I’d blog a bit about some of the genre material reading/watching/playing.

Dexter the Game

Available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, “Dexter the Game” is based on the Showtimes series, and does an incredible job of recreating the show. With dialogue recorded by the series actors, “Dexter” may be one of the best games available currently on the app store.  The graphics are top notch, rivaling anything on the PSP or DSi. The game play is reminiscient of a typical action/adventure game of the past. You explore different areas and talk to different people to gather clues. There are some stealth areas as you sneak up on your victims to kill them, as well as a wide variety of mini games that incorporate show elements brilliantly. About the only thing I can criticize the game for is that sometimes the controls are a little unresponsive, and Dexter can be a pain to move around. Despite that, “Dexter the Game” is a well done game that offers a lot of gameplay for 6.99.


I was late to the party for “Fringe” when it premiered on Fox last year, only catching the last handful of shows and kind of left wondering what was going on. Now that’s it available on a 7 disc DVD set, I’ve been able to start from the beginning and catch up. Boy, I missed a lot. Much like its spiritual godparent, “The X-Files”, “Fringe” is about paranormal, scientific and plain old human oddities. Centered around a trio of an FBI agent, a crazy doctor and his shady dealing son, “Fringe” could have easily been a monster of the week show and died a quick painless death.

Its ambitions are much higher than that however. Mix some requisite conspiracy theories, episodes that use some actual science as a springboard, and some fantastic characters and you have a mix that wins. In particular John Noble as Dr. Walter Bishop stands out. What could have been a cliched mad doctor in less capable hands, is made likable, poignant and vastly interesting in the veteran actor’s talent. In fact, I’d say some of the best bits of the show feature Bishop, in particular when he gets released from a mental hospital after a 17 year stay. It’s an incredible performance and one that should have been nominated for an emmy.

While more sci-fi than horror, any show that has exploding heads, creepy animal hybrids and melting brains oozing from your head is okay in my book. “Fringe” is more than okay, it may be the best show on tv right now.


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