When the Words Take a Vacation

Posted: September 2, 2009 in Uncategorized
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After a weekend off to play some World of Warcraft, I sat down yesterday to continue working on “Barbed Wire Kisses”.  I knew what I wanted to write, where I wanted to go and had a vague idea of how to get there. The word document waited, as did my characters. And ultimately, so did I.  The phrase, “It was like pulling teeth”, may be a cliche, however it proved very accurate.  I sat and stared at my laptop waiting for the words to come, and they never showed. Oh sure, some would make an appearance and I’d get to add a sentence or two but then it was back to staring. Or twitter. Or Facebook. Or browsing through the app store in iTunes. Or updating the podcasts I listen to. Pretty much anything that diverted my attention away from the blank screen was up for grabs.

Maybe it was the earache I had, or the fact that even though I’d taken the weekend off I’d plowed through almost 10,000 words the week before. Who knows? The muse is a fickle bitch at times, and apparently she decided not to grace with me with her presence yesterday. While I was discouraged and frustrated I kept the Word doc open as I went about the act of not writing while writing. A sentence would come to me, and in one burst of inspiration an entire paragraph, and then it died.

In the middle of an act of grim violence, the words tapered off, as if a leaky spigot finally gave up it’s last drop of rusty water. When I finally admitted defeat, a quick word count showed I’d only put down an astonishingly low 469 words.  How long did it take me to write all that?

About 7 hours.

Yeah, it was that kind of day.  And even though I didn’t meet my mark for the day, I at least broke 18K words.  with a bit of luck I’ll get to 20K words today. There was a time i probably would have given up after staring at the screen and nothing coming. Stories don’t get told that, however. They take blood, sweat and tears (yes, my second cliche of the day). Some days more blood, other days more tears. However giving up wasn’t an option until the last possible moment. Most days when I write, I know where I want to end, and make my way to that goal. It can be either a word count, the end of a scene, or maybe just finishing a chapter. Yesterday, I knew where I wanted to go, but couldn’t get there. And that’s okay. Today is another day, and I feel much better than I did yesterday, so I have hope.

And I never give up.

  1. cussedness says:

    I’m glad that you’re writing. HOwever, I am missing you on warcraft. Jordy made 80 three days ago. sigh.

  2. raingods says:

    Woohoo! Congrats on hitting 80! My absence from Wow the past few days has had more to do with being ill and looking into going back to school as it does the writing. I should be on later today.

  3. Your blog came up in the list of possibly related posts today. I was taking a break from looking at my own blank page.
    Something in what you wrote made me feel ready to go back and write again. If the words do not come, I will go push on toward level 80.