The Lion’s Last Roar

Posted: August 26, 2009 in Uncategorized
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One thing I vowed to stay away from on this blog, was politics, and and the nonsensical drama of the horror community.  I believe there’s a place for everything, and my personal belief’s are best kept on my my personal blog. Yet, I feel compelled to utter a few words about the passing of Sen. Ted Kennedy.

From the plane crash that killed his pilot and an aide in 1964, to the assassinations of his brothers, to his own son losing a leg to cancer, to his car crash with killed Mary Jo Kopechne, and finally to losing his nephew JFK Jr, Kennedy’s life has been one tragedy after another.  Experiencing only one of these would cripple most men but Kennedy fought on, intent to see through all that he and his brothers believed in. There is no doubt the Senator from Massachusetts had his own demons whether it be alcohol or women, but there was never any doubt, he, despite his name and wealth, always fought for the little guy.

Up until his failed bid for Presidency against Jimmy Carter, by all accounts he wasn’t the great Senator we know him as today. Perhaps it was that moment, knowing he had reached the highest level he would ever attain that spurred him on, as from that point on he became the person we remember today. In his career he wrote 2500 bills, 300 or so which became law, and a majority dealing with civil rights, human rights, labor laws and everything in between. He was a tireless worker, and in spite of being known as the most liberal Senator, was able to reach across party lines and develop working relationships with everyone from Ronald Reagan to John McCain. No mean feat in the bitterly partisan world of politics. It’s safe to say, he was the last of a generation who not would reach across the aisle, but could.

Larger than life, and with respect from both parties, Senator Kennedy will be missed.

Be at peace, gentle Lion.

  1. cussedness says:

    Beautifully said.