T.M. Wright Interview

Posted: August 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

Back in May I conducted an interview with T.M. Wright. With the release of his new novel “Blue Canoe”, I thought it was time to pimp the interview again!

A few words first. Terry is, as I’ve said elsewhere, one of the best and most underrated writers of any genre, not just horror. I first read his novel “A Manhattan Ghost Story” back in the early 80’s, and then went and read everything else he’d done before that. His writing makes my jaw drop. He has a simplicity to his storytelling, yet makes it so complex, it defies belief. He has always been a writer who I’ve admired, and place him in the upper pantheon of great writers of the 20th Century. This is no hyperbole. Read “A Manhattan Ghost Story”, “Eyes of the Carp”, “Strange Seed” and you’ll see, the world of literature is richer for having Terry in its midst.



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